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Cactus Plants Are Vanishing: Photos

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Cactus Plants Are Vanishing: Photos, OCT 5, 2015, By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News, Photos of cactus plants with descriptions. READ MORE

An overlooked threat: 1 in 3 cactus species face extinction

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An overlooked threat: 1 in 3 cactus species face extinction, October 6, 2015, By Story Hinckley, The Christian Science Monitor, More than 30 percent of cactus species are in danger of extincti READ MORE

The Yucca and Its Moth

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The Yucca and Its Moth, By W.P. Armstrong, Wayne's World, Palomar College, Read all about the specific moth that pollinates Yucca plants. READ MORE

Firestick Cactus: The Plant With Acid Sap!

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Firestick Cactus: The Plant With Acid Sap!, Written by MikeDeHaan, Scribol staff, Five close-up photographs, with brief descriptions. READ MORE

Aloe Vera: The Plant with Miraculous Healing Powers

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Aloe Vera: The Plant with Miraculous Healing Powers, Written by MikeDeHaan, Scribol staff, "Aloe Vera has been cultivated for centuries, and is prized for its amazing healing properties." Visi READ MORE

How cacti become 'rock busters'

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How cacti become 'rock busters' By Matt Walker Editor, BBC Earth News Few plants can grow without soil and even fewer are capable of growing on nothing but bare rock. Yet some species of de READ MORE

Jumping Cactus

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Jumping Cactus Posted by iseehaters October 14, 2007 Interesting cactus; video length 3:37 minutes. READ MORE

Desert Cacti

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Desert Cacti Desert USA The Cactus Family is one of the most easily recognized plant families in the world. Visit the web site for photos and to learn more. READ MORE

Colorado Cacti

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Colorado Cacti By Jennifer Ackerfield Colorado State University Herbarium 'This article examines the morphology, habitat and distribution, species found in Colorado, and survival strategies of READ MORE

Major Types of Cacti

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Major Types of Cacti By Brad Fiero Pima Community College Photographs and information on the major types of cacti; click on the links within the description for more photographs and info. READ MORE

Desert Cacti and the Joshua Tree

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Desert Cacti and the Joshua Tree By Jenny Griffes Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory Washington University, St. Louis An 18-slide Powerpoint presentation on cacti and its adaptation READ MORE

Cactus adaptations to dry environments

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Cactus adaptations to dry environments By James D. Mauseth Section of Integrative Biology The University of Texas View photographs and information on how cacti have modified leaves, spines, cort READ MORE

What adaptations does a xerophyte have that makes it able to store water? I need...

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What adaptations does a xerophyte have that makes it able to store water? I need this for school? Yahoo Answers Visit the web site for a detailed, good, lengthy answer. READ MORE


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Xerophytes University of Australia Pictures and illustrations of xerophytes, more commonly known as succulents; cactus are a part of this group. READ MORE


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xerophytes By skrhsnc YouTube.com One plus minute video on examples of xerophytes. READ MORE

What are Xerophytes

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What are Xerophytes Written by N. Phipps Wisegeek.com One of the plant world's greatest wonders includes the unique adaptability of the xerophytes. Visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Desert Plant Survival

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Desert Plant Survival DesertUSA.com Plants that have adapted by altering their physical structure are called xerophytes. Xerophytes, such as cacti, usually have special means of storing and cons READ MORE


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Xerophytes by Mariella Delahaye Scienceray.com A description of xerophytes and their main features. Visit the web site for the rest of the article. READ MORE


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Xerophyte Wikipedia.org A xerophyte or xerophytic organism (xero meaning dry, phyte meaning plant) is a plant which is able to survive in an environment with little available water or moisture, READ MORE

Cactus Survival

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Cactus Survival CactusMuseum.com Cactus Survival One only needs to sit back and admire God's creation - the cactus. Most cacti were designed for life in the hot and dry deserts. Listed below ar READ MORE
A Xerophyte plant is able to survive in an environment with little or no water or moisture. Cactus and other succulents are xerophytes.
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