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Wildflower Color Chart

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Wildflower Color Chart Wildflower Information Organization Wildflowers by Color Click on the color below to see wildflowers suitable for your color choice. READ MORE

Weird Sunflowers, Wonderful New Traits

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Weird Sunflowers, Wonderful New Traits USDA Agriculture Research Service Click the flower buttons to read the story. READ MORE

Wildflowers: The First Sign of Spring

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Wildflowers: The First Sign of Spring, Written by Lisa Hossler, Scribol staff, "While it may still feel like winter, the first signs of spring may be making their first and short-lived appearance READ MORE

Celebrating Wildflowers - Pollinators

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Celebrating Wildflowers - Pollinators US Forest Service Our Future Flies on the Wings of Pollinators Pollinators are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world's flowering plants. Without READ MORE

What is a wildflower?

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What is a wildflower? Answers.com Wildflowers are flowering plants that grow in the wild, in their native habitats. Most of the flowers that people plant in their gardens or keep in their homes READ MORE

Desert Plants & Wildflowers

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Desert Plants & Wildflowers Desert USA To learn more about a wildflower or plant, click on its name. READ MORE

Wildflowers of the Northwest

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Wildflowers of the Northwest By Geoffrey Peters intangibility.com Welcome to intangible northwest's "Wildflowers of the Northwest" PhotoGuide. Within this web collection is a myriad of beautifu READ MORE

Common Texas Wildflowers

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Common Texas Wildflowers Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Can you name them? Click on the flowers to learn more, then try our page without the names and see how well you know Texas wildflower READ MORE

Wild Flowers

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Wild Flowers FloridaNaturePictures.com WILDFLOWERS Some Wildflowers are so small that you can't appreciate their beauty until you see them close-up! Click to see a larger image and a detaile READ MORE

Celebrating Wildflowers - Just For Kids

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Celebrating Wildflowers - Just For Kids US Forest Service Hey Kids! Celebrating Wildflowers has some great information and fun things for you to do. Learn more about wildflowers on our Nation READ MORE

eNature: Field Guides: Wildflowers

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eNature: Field Guides: Wildflowers About the categories The Wildflowers in FieldGuides are divided into the type categories shown here. These types are based on shared characteristics or relatio READ MORE

In Praise of Penstemons

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In Praise of Penstemons May 2009 Front Range Living Colorado monthly online newsletter Combination of text & photos. READ MORE

British Wild Flowers

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British Wild Flowers Choose between flowers, trees & shrubs, brambles, or grasses, sedges, rushes & ferns. Select a plant name from one of those lists for a good photo. Please visit the web si READ MORE

Wildflowers in bloom

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Wildflowers in bloom by Dan Lineberger and Jerry Parsons Horticulture Program Texas Cooperative Extension The Wildflowers in bloom photo album contains images of many of the most showy wildflo READ MORE

CalPhotos Wildflowers

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CalPhotos Wildflowers University of California, Berkeley Click on a name or image for a larger photo. READ MORE


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Wildflowers, by Dan Lineberger and Jerry Parsons, Horticulture Program, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Check out a wildflower by common or scientific name; there's also a photo gallery. READ MORE
Wild flowers are plants that grow on their own and are not intentionally planted. Other terms used for wild flowers are native plants or introduced specie. Find information and photos of beautiful wildflowers.
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