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Lichens of Ecuador

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Lichens of Ecuador NOVA GeoBlog Northern Virginia Community College Snow in Ecuador? Not really, it's lichen covering the ground at a national park. View several close-up photos of other lichen READ MORE

Lichens are Fungi!

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Lichens are Fungi! Fun Facts About Fungi Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium The plant-like appearance of lichens hides their true identity. A lichen is not a single organism, but the READ MORE

Mutualistic Relationships

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Mutualistic Relationships By Shirley Burchill and Paul Billiet The Open Door Project One of the best known mutualistic relationships is found in lichens. Lichens are found almost everywhere; fr READ MORE

Lichens Home Page

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Lichens Home Page, Sharnoff Photos, "This page links to 17 index pages: 16 of them provide links to photos of identified lichens, including those that are identified to genus but not to species. I READ MORE

Using lichen as indicators of air quality

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Using lichen as indicators of air quality By Henry Unwin 13th October, 2009 TheEcologist.org Curious about the air quality in your area? Lichen are nature's own indicators of polluted or pure READ MORE

The Friendly World of Lichens

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The Friendly World of Lichens By g.rame Earth-Life Web Productions Lichens are some of the most amazing living things on this planet. Often the first form of life to colonise a new area of rock READ MORE

Lichen Biology and the Environment

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Lichen Biology and the Environment Lichens are composite, symbiotic organisms made up from members of as many as three kingdoms. The dominant partner is a fungus. Fungi are incapable of making READ MORE


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Lichen Canada's Aquatic Environment University of Guelph Lichens have traditionally been referred to as a prime example of a symbiotic relationship. Each lichen consists of an intimate associat READ MORE

Forest Lichens of New Zealand

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Forest Lichens of New Zealand By Hidden Forest Designs A photographer's photos of lichen while on a walk in the bush; click on a photo for a larger version. READ MORE

Lichens - Factmonster.com

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Lichens, Factmonster.com, Lichens are a combination of a fungus and a green algae; find out how this symbiotic relationship works. READ MORE

When Fungi and Algae Marry: Science News for Kids

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When Fungi and Algae Marry By Emily Sohn March 12, 2008 Science News for Kids Lichens (li' kenz) are easy to ignore. They can be microscopically small. They don't move. And they often blend int READ MORE

Lichen Pictures

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Lichen Pictures Clifford Smith Department of Botany University of Hawaii Click on a picture for a larger version. READ MORE

What is a Lichen?

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What is a Lichen? by Mr Gordon Ramel What is a Lichen ?? A lichen is a symbiosis. That means that it is two or more organisms living together such that both are more successful within the partn READ MORE


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Lichens Backyard Plants Backyardnature.com LICHEN STRUCTURE: Structurally, lichens are among the most bizarre of all forms of life. That's because every lichen species is actually composed of READ MORE

Lichen Biology and the Environment

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Lichen Biology and the Environment All photographs copyright Stephen/Sylvia Sharnoff. Lichens are composite, symbiotic organisms made up from members of as many as three kingdoms. The dominan READ MORE

Lichenland - The Lite Version

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Lichenland - The Lite Version Northwest Alliance for Computational Science & Engineering (NACSE) Oregon State University Lear how to identify lichen via this interactive activity. READ MORE
Lichens are a combination of two organisms, fungus and algae, and can be found in some of the most inhospitable or extreme environments like antarctic ice. Lichen are important in many ways. Lichen are sensitive to air pollution so scientists often use the plant to monitor air quality; drug companies can make antibiotics from lichen substances; and lichen provide a home for many insects.
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