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Hungry Mushrooms and Other Meat-Loving Plants

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Hungry Mushrooms and Other Meat-Loving Plants, February 5, 2015, ThoughtCo., From edible oyster mushrooms to venus flytraps: Check out these carnivorous plants that enjoy their protein. READ MORE

The Sex Lives of Nonvascular Plants: Alternation of Generations - Crash Course B...

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The Sex Lives of Nonvascular Plants: Alternation of Generations - Crash Course Biology #36, CrashCourse, YouTube.com, Video length: 09:41. READ MORE

Centuries-old frozen plants revived

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Centuries-old frozen plants revived May 27, 2013, BBC News Plants that were frozen during the "Little Ice Age" centuries ago have been observed sprouting new growth, scientists say. READ MORE

How Moss Bacteria on Old Trees Helps Forest Growth

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How Moss Bacteria on Old Trees Helps Forest Growth, Written by Alka Sharma, Scribol Staff, "Interesting research suggests that the long-term productivity of old trees is greatly influenced by the READ MORE

What is a bryophyte?

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What is a bryophyte? Australian National Botanic Gardens This page has a combination of text, photographs, and images mosses and other bryophytes, their reproduction, ecology, and how they diffe READ MORE

Paleos Plants: Bryophyta: Bryophyta - 1

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Paleos Plants: Bryophyta: Bryophyta - 1 Photos, illustrations, images, and text on mosses and its parts - gametophytes, rhizoids, shoot, leaves, gametangia, the sporophyte generation, sphagnum, an READ MORE


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Gametophyte Wikipedia.org An article describing what the gametophyte is; it is the dominant stage in the plant's life cycle. READ MORE

gametophyte - Infoplease.com

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gametophyte - Infoplease.com In many lower plants, the gametophyte phase is the dominant plant form; for example, the familiar mosses are the gametophyte form of the plants. Visit the website READ MORE

Moss Reproduction

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Moss Reproduction The Hidden Forest This page describes the two forms of reproduction that mosses can undergo - asexual and sexual reproduction. Click on a photograph for larger version. READ MORE

Moss Life Cycle

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Moss Life Cycle Biology 213 Bellevue College A large diagram illustrating the life cycle. READ MORE

Characteristics of Seedless Vascular Plants

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Characteristics of Seedless Vascular Plants By Sonya Welter GardenGuides.com Botanists group ferns, club mosses and horsetails together as being seedless vascular plants. Read more: gardengui READ MORE

Mosses to Ferns - Nonvascular Plants

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Mosses to Ferns - Nonvascular Plants By C. Massengille BiologyJunction.com Wonderful Powerpoint presentation on mosses, liverworts, and hornworts! READ MORE

Liverworts from the Southeastern United States

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Liverworts from the Southeastern United States by P. G. Davison University of North Alabama Dozens of close-up photographs of liverworts; click to enlarge. READ MORE

Hornwort structures.jpg

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Hornwort structures.jpg Author: Lady of Hats Wikipedia.org The image shows the main parts of a hornwort, a plant taxa related to mosses. READ MORE

Bryophytes Review

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Bryophytes Review Biology Questions and Answers Mosses, liverworts and hornworts are bryophytes. This brief Q&A review will tell you the most important facts about them. READ MORE


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Bryophytes Biology Encyclopedia Bryophytes are seedless plants without specialized water-conducting tissues. Bryophytes include mosses (phylum Bryophyta), liverworts (phylum Marchantiophyta Hepa READ MORE

A Few Botanical Details for the Non-Botanist on how to tell the difference bet...

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A Few Botanical Details for the Non-Botanist on how to tell the difference between a Moss and a Liverwort. By Shirley Kerr Kaimai Bush Photos and explanation of how to tell the difference. READ MORE

Airborne sperm of liverworts

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Airborne sperm of liverworts Posted by kisamaramumashi | September 04, 2007 Youtube.com Video length: 0.59. READ MORE


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Liverworts The Hidden Forest Photos and descriptions of the kinds of liverworts and their reproduction. READ MORE

Diversity of Plants: Major Groups - Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts (Bryophytes)

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Diversity of Plants: Major Groups - Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts (Bryophytes), Mother-Earth.org, Great page! Pictures of mosses & liverworts, ferns, conifers, water lilies, monocots and dicots. READ MORE


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Mosses Monroe County Women's Disability Network A simple easy-to-understand explanation of what moss is. When you're through reading it, check out the interactive quiz. READ MORE

Bryophyte Collection

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Bryophyte Collection, Natural History Museum, "The Museum's Bryophyte Herbarium is among the largest in the world, incorporating more than 900,000 specimens." READ MORE

Bryophytes: Mosses and Liverworts

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The Bryophytes: Mosses and Liverworts Open Door Web Site Great resource! Each page is a combination of text and illustrations. READ MORE


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Bryophytes Biology-online.org Part of a large tutorial on plant cells; all text, no images. READ MORE


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Moss Simple English Wikipedia Mosses are non-vascular plants. They do not have cells that move water like other plants- water must soak into them, like a sponge. A patch of moss is made of many READ MORE

Seedless Plants - Factmonster.com

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Seedless Plants Factmonster.com Ferns, horsetails, mosses, and liverworts do not produce flowers or grow from seeds. The life cycles of these plants have two distinct stages - one in which SPORES READ MORE

Mosses and liverworts, simple plants?

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Mosses and liverworts, simple plants? by Jan Parmentier Micscape Magazine Mosses (Bryophyta) are quite interesting, simple green land plants with leaves and a stem and always without roots. In READ MORE

What Is Moss?

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What is Moss?, Dr. Karen Carr, Associate Professor of History, Portland State University, Wonderful page on moss. Includes many hyper-texted words that take you to more information if you click READ MORE

Seedless Plants - Infoplease.com

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Seedless Plants Infoplease.com Ferns, horsetails, mosses, and liverworts do not produce flowers or grow from seeds. The life cycles of these plants have two distinct stages - one in which SPORES READ MORE

Land Plants Without Vascular Tissue

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Land Plants Without Vascular Tissue, Cliffnotes.com, "Bryophytes are small, low-growing plants of mostly moist environments in the temperate and tropical zones where they grow on the ground and as READ MORE


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Liverworts Backyardnature.com Great article, with photos. Explains the two main kinds of liverworts and its sexual and asexual reproduction. Please visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

Moss and All Bryophytes

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Moss and All Bryophytes biology-questions-and-answers.com Easy Review from Biology Questions and Answers Moss and All Bryophytes - Q&A Review 1. What are the main characteristics of the bryo READ MORE

Life Cycle of a Moss

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Life Cycle of a Moss, Sinauer Associates, W. H. Freeman & Co., and Sumanas, Inc., Visit the web site for an animation, quiz, and to learn more. READ MORE


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Bryophytes The Hidden Forest Bryophytes No doubt you have been out walking in the forest and found yourself walking on a carpet of small green plants or seen them growing along the walking trac READ MORE

The Open Door Web Site: Biology: The Bryophytes

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Biology: The Bryophytes The Open Door Web Site The Spore-producing Plants Plants which do not produce seeds produce spores to reproduce. Spores are microscopic reproductive cells which can be READ MORE

Mosses and Liverworts on Flickr

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Mosses and Liverworts on Flickr Portraits of species classified in the taxon Bryophyta. The bryophytes include the mosses, liverworts and hornworts. Unfortunately there are no examples of the lat READ MORE

Biology4Kids.com: Plants: Mosses and Liverworts

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Plants: Mosses and Liverworts Biology4Kids.com MOSSES AND LIVERWORTS With no vascular tissues, mosses thrive in areas of high moisture. These are the little ones. The most important feature of READ MORE

Mosses to Know in the Field

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Mosses to Know in the Field Paul G. Davison, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology Department of Biology The University of North Alabama Mosses and Liverworts to Know in the Field The listing READ MORE

Bryophyte Images

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Bryophyte Images Created by Dr. Raymond E. Stotler and Dr. Barbara J. Crandall-Stotler Department of Plant Biology Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Images of liverworts, hornwarts and READ MORE

Living with Mosses

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Living with Mosses Oregon State University Students I. Introduction This section was designed to give interested folks answers to common questions about mosses as well as clarify what a moss is READ MORE

Mosses and Liverworts

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Mosses and Liverworts Scottish Natural Heritage Introduction When Scotland emerged from its mantle of ice, it had been scoured bare, leaving rounded hills, jagged mountains, deep valleys, undula READ MORE


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Bryophytes Image Credits: Clipart.com NatureWorks New Hampshire Public Television Bryophytes have no roots, leaves or stems. Mosses, hornworts, and liverworts belong to this group. Mosses READ MORE
Bryophytes are the simplest plants; they have no stems, roots, or leaves because they don't have vascular tissues. Mosses and liverworts are the two major groups.
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