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Arctic Marine Research

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Arctic Marine Research Canada Nature Museum Video length: 3:04 READ MORE

The 12 Plankton of Christmas

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The 12 Plankton of Christmas, By Karl Fabricius, Scribol Staff, "A festive look at some amazing microscopic creatures. They come in the shapes of candles, trees, the three wise men - and more!" READ MORE

Photos of aquatic plants

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Photos of aquatic plants By Rhett A. Butler Mongabay.com Click on a photo for a larger version. READ MORE

Aquatic, Marginal & Moist Soil Plants Galleries

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Aquatic, Marginal & Moist Soil Plants Galleries Kit & Ben Knotts Victoria Adventure Large database of images; click on image for larger version. READ MORE

Plant Identification

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Plant Identification Texas AgriLife Extension Service Texas A&M University This section of AQUAPLANT is designed to help you identify aquatic plants using photos, drawings, and descriptions. Usin READ MORE

Plant Information Pages with Plant ID Videos

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Plant Information Pages with Plant ID Videos Center for Aquatic & Invasive Plants University of Florida There's a description, photographs, and short video (2-3 min) for each plant. READ MORE

Diversity of Plants: Major Groups

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Diversity of Plants: Major Groups Mother-Earth.org Great page! Pictures of mosses & liverworts, ferns, conifers, water lilies, monocots and dicots. READ MORE

Aquatic plants

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Aquatic plants Lead Author: Mark McGinley Contributing Author: Harold Ornes Encyclopedia of Earth Please visit the website for photos and aquatic plant information. READ MORE

Forests of the Sea: Phytoplankton and Marine plants

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Forests of the Sea: Phytoplankton and Marine plants MarineBio.org The plant kingdom is made up of multicellular, photosynthetic eukaryotes.These multicellular organisms contain specialized cells READ MORE

Free Floating Plants

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Free Floating Plants Washington State Department of Ecology An On-line Version of Aquatic Plant Identification Manual for Washington's Freshwater Plants Free floating plants float in the READ MORE

Floating Plant Index

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Floating Plant Index Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Texas A&M System True Floating Plants are not attached to the bottom. Floating plants come in sizes from very small (Duckweed) to over a foo READ MORE

HABs and Biotoxins: Phytoplankton

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HABs and Biotoxins: Phytoplankton Northwest Fisheries Science Center NOAA Fisheries Service Phytoplankton- What are they? Please visit the web site for the article. READ MORE

Single-celled Transformers: Marine Phytoplankton Changes Form To Protect Itself

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Single-celled Transformers: Marine Phytoplankton Changes Form To Protect Itself June 15, 2007 A tiny single-celled organism that plays a key role in the carbon cycle of cold-water oceans may be READ MORE


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Diatoms, Cascade High School Advance Biology, Find out what diatoms are, where you can find them, and a recipe for hopefully growing diatom cultures. Please visit the web site to learn more. READ MORE

What are Diatoms?

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What are Diatoms? Written by S.E. Smith Wisegeek.com Diatoms are unicellular algae which form distinct and beautiful cell walls from silica. They are widely distributed throughout the upper l READ MORE

Swamp flatsedge

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Swamp flatsedge Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants University of Florida Cyperus distinctus (syn. C. virens) Native to Florida Occurs almost always under natural conditions in wetland READ MORE

Golden canna

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Golden canna Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants University of Florida Canna flaccida Native to Florida Canna is a showy, emersed native plant which typically grows to four feet tall. READ MORE

Fragrant water lily

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Fragrant water lily Center for Aquatic and Invasive Species University of Florida Nymphaea odorata Native to Florida Water lilies have floating leaves. There are about 40 species of water READ MORE

Eel grass, tape grass

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Eel grass, tape grass Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants University of Florida Native to Florida Eel grass is a submersed plant that spreads by runners and sometimes forms tall underwater READ MORE

Waterlilies Video

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Waterlilies YouTube.com Video length: 02:29. READ MORE

Marine Diatoms

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Marine Diatoms Earthguide University of California Ever wonder who plays the role of grass in the oceans? Flying eastward from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., urban scenes soon turn into the sp READ MORE

Bottom of the Food Web

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Bottom of the Food Web Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Highlights marine phytoplankton and NASA programs that study ocean color. Please visit the web site for more information. READ MORE
Plants that live in freshwater or marine bodies of water can vary in size from tiny organisms called phytoplankton to much larger grasses and plant specie. Regardless of size, plants provide a vital process at the bottom of all marine and freshwater food chains called photosynthesis. Through the combination of a chemical called chlorophyll and sunlight, plants convert carbon dioxide, water and minerals into edible food for fish and marine mammals.
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