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Psychedelic Swirls Show Algae Bloom from Space

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Psychedelic Swirls Show Algae Bloom from Space, August 28, 2015, By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor, Psychedelic swirls decorate the Baltic Sea in a stunning new satellite image. READ MORE

Extreme Algal Blooms: The New Normal?

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Extreme Algal Blooms: The New Normal? April 1, 2013, National Science Foundation A 2011 record-breaking algae bloom in Lake Erie was triggered by long-term agricultural practices coupled with ext READ MORE

Toxic Red Tides: Scientist Tracks Neurotoxin-Producing Algae

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Toxic Red Tides: Scientist Tracks Neurotoxin-Producing Algae Sep. 30, 2011 ScienceDaily.com "With toxic algal blooms -- which can increase the amount of harmful toxins in the shellfish that Cal READ MORE

Red Tides!

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Red Tides!, By Karl Fabricius Scribol Staff, "Red tides are not as pretty as they look - they are actually a potentially lethal gathering of tiny plants in the ocean." Visit the website for p READ MORE

On Lake Taihu, China Moves To Battle Massive Algae Blooms

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On Lake Taihu, China Moves To Battle Massive Algae Blooms 21 JUL 2011: REPORT By Richard Stone Yale Environment 360 "For two decades, the once-scenic Lake Taihu in eastern China has been chok READ MORE


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Algae Biology Encyclopedia Algae are a diverse group of all photosynthetic organisms that are not plants. Algae are important in marine, freshwater, and some terrestrial ecosystems . Seaweeds ar READ MORE

Seaweed.ie :: information on marine algae

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Seaweed.ie :: information on marine algae "This site is a source of general information on all aspects of seaweeds. Seaweeds are marine algae: saltwater-dwelling, simple organisms that fall into th READ MORE

Fitting Algae Into the Food Web

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Fitting Algae Into the Food Web Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science Good graphics showing the flow of energy in food webs and how algae fits in the marine food web. READ MORE

Algae Photos

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Algae Photos By W.P. Armstrong Wayne's World Palomar College Lots of photos with brief descriptions. READ MORE

AlgaeBase :: Listing the World's Algae

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AlgaeBase :: Listing the World's Algae AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms. READ MORE

The algae invasion

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The algae invasion Stephen Ornes May 12, 2010 Science for Kids One of the world's simplest organisms is also one of the hardest to classify. Visit the web page for photos and the article. READ MORE

Biosphere Community- Kingdom Protists: Algae

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Biosphere Community - Kingdom Protists: Algae Mother-Earth.org Algae are the base of most ocean food webs. This page covers and has photographs of phytoplankton, green algae, diatoms, red, and bro READ MORE


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Algae Simple English Wikipedia Algae (one Alga, several Algae) is a name for living things that can make food from sunlight but are not plants. Not all algae are in the same Kingdom; some are ba READ MORE

Seaweed JPG

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Seaweed JPG Universe-review.ca Visit the web site for image. READ MORE

Harmful Algae

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Harmful Algae Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution The primary objective of this site is to serve as a comprehensive resource for information about harmful algal blooms. What are Harmful Alg READ MORE

Kids.Net.Au Encyclopedia - Algae

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Kids.Net.Au Encyclopedia - Algae The algae (sing. alga) comprise several different groups of living things which are similar to plants but are not actually true plants. All algae lack true leaves READ MORE

Algae Research

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Algae Research Department of Botany Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Introduction Algae are photosynthetic organisms that occur in most habitats, ranging from marine and freshwat READ MORE


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Phytoplankton Canada's Aquatic Environment University of Guelph Introduction Algae, like higher plants, obtain energy by photosynthesizing; essentially producing their food by capturing the en READ MORE

Seaweed - Science for Kids

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Seaweed - Science for Kids, Dr. Karen Carr, Associate Professor of History, Portland State University, Very thorough page on seaweed. Many words are hyper-texted to take you to other pages for i READ MORE

Green Seaweed Gallery

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Green Seaweed Gallery, Photos by Debbie MacKenzie, fisherycrisis.com, Each image has a brief description; click on it for a larger version. READ MORE

Wild Shores of Singapore: Red seaweed's defence against bleaching

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Red seaweed's defence against bleaching 16 December 2008 WildShores.blogspot.com Red seaweed's defence against bleaching A common Australian red seaweed produces chemicals that may protect it READ MORE

Kelp, Wikipedia

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Kelp Wikipedia.org Kelp are large seaweed plants (algae), belonging to the brown algae and classified in the order Laminariales. There are about 30 different genera. Some species can be very lon READ MORE

Seaweed, Wikipedia

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Seaweed Wikipedia.org Seaweed is a loose colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae.[1] The term includes some members of the red, brown and green algae. Seawe READ MORE

MIT Algae Photobioreactor, YouTube

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MIT Algae Photobioreactor roidroid YouTube.com An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university. The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter. READ MORE

What is algae?

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What is algae? Aquaticcommunity.com Algae are simple organisms that typically produce their own food through photosynthesis. They are similar to higher plants, but they lack many of the distinc READ MORE

Algae - Factmonster.com

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Algae Factmonster.com Algae are plantlike organisms that make food by photosynthesis. All algae contain chlorophyll, which is green, but many are colored brown or red by other pigments. Most al READ MORE

Algae Photos

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Algae Photos by W.P. Armstrong Wayne's World Palomar College A quiet pond on Palomar Mountain (San Diego County, California) covered with dense masses of the filamentous green alga Spirogyra. READ MORE

Underwater Jungles

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Underwater Jungles By Emily Sohn Oct. 3, 2007 Science News for Kids Cold-water-loving kelp forests may be surprisingly abundant in the tropics. Please visit the web site for the rest of the READ MORE

Algae - Life on Australian Seashores

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Algae - Life on Australian Seashores by Keith Davey (C) 2000 Learning Consultant - Media The University of Newcastle What is Seaweed? Most of the plants that live on the intertidal rocky shor READ MORE

What is Algae?

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What is Algae? Fun-Science-Project-Ideas.com Can algae be converted into a biofuel? Visit the page for a video and to learn about its other uses. READ MORE

What is Algae?

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What is Algae? WiseGeek.com Algae are a large and diverse group of eukaryotic (complex-celled) photosynthetic organisms. The green algae are primitive members of kingdom Plantae, though other ty READ MORE

Marine Algae of the Rocky Intertidal

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Marine Algae of the Rocky Intertidal Marilyn I. Cannon, Professor Emeritus Biology Department, Sonoma State University Marine Algae: The Seaweeds MacKerricher State Park, Laguna Point Rocky In READ MORE
Algae can be found in soil, water, even clouds; they produce over seventy percent of the earth's oxygen. Algae can live in extremely cold or hot temperatures. Algae produce photosynthesis, which is the base of ocean and freshwater food chains; without them, other water specie could not survive. Algae are important in the fight against global warming – they help remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe.
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