The Amazing Kingdom Of Fungi

The Amazing Kingdom Of Fungi
W.P. Armstrong
Wayne's Word
Palomar College Arboretum

Major Subtopics To Be Discussed:
* Stinkhorn Fungi That Attract Blow Flies
* Soil Fungi: World's Largest Living Organisms?
* The Kombucha Mushroom: Elixir Of Life
* Slime Molds & Mycotrophic Wildflowers
* Fungal Galls: Causing Strange Plant Growths
* Harmful and Beneficial Fungi
* Truffles: Fascinating Fungi Below The Ground
* Old & New World Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
* Healing Mushrooms and Herbology
* Lichens: Nature's Perfect Marriage
* Wayne's Word Index Fungus Links

During my career as a biology professor at Palomar College I have probably had more questions about fungi than any other plant group. Often it is someone calling on the telephone about a strange blob that has suddenly appeared in their backyard--and they are wondering if it is edible, poisonous, or does it pose any threat to their family or house. Because of the difficulty in identifying strange fungi by a lay person, I usually do not recommend trying them in your favorite culinary recipe. [WPA, 12 Jan. 1996]

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