CBCN for Kids - Botanists-in-Training

CBCN for Kids - Botanists-in-Training
Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
Royal Botanical Gardens

What is CBCN?
What is the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network?
A network of people and places in Canada that conserve plant diversity. This website was created at the Botanical Conservation Office, which coordinates all the botanical gardens, arboreta, universities, and government agencies that are in our network.

What do we do?
We help other people realize how important it is to conserve plant diversity by exchanging our ideas and information. This helps people to protect and conserve our natural and cultivated botanical heritage. We have also put together a website with lots of information so people can learn about plants in Canada and the projects happening to conserve Canada's plants.

We also lead projects to conserve rare and endangered plants in Canada by preserving and protecting their habitats and replanting their seeds to increase their population.

Please visit the web site for more information.
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